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As an Exercise Physiologist, I can attest that the plans that this program produces are physiologically sound, and provide an avenue for athlete progression parametrically.

James Barber, Alabama

Race Analyzer™ Overview

Race Analyzerô is a comprehensive tool designed to collect, organize, analyze and evaluate swimmers' competitive performance. Race Analyzerô presents real time race data in a simple and readable format, enabling coaches and swimmers to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in performance and determine each individual's optimum racing strategy. Furthermore, Race Analyzerô allows comments to be included via text input with each race report for future review and comparison

Race Analyzerô performs complex and tedious calculations in real time that cannot reasonably be performed by hand. The software objectively calculates the most significant parameters that influence every swimmer's competitive performance: Cycle Count per lap, Break Distance from start and turns, Tempo, Breakout Time, Drop Off, Distance Per Cycle, Pure Swimming Velocity, Free Swimming Time, Turn Time, Time Spent Under Water, Distance Swum Under Water, 15 Meter Time/Velocity, 7 1/2 M Race Finish Time/Velocity.

The software compiles these massive amounts of complex data about each race into concise and informative race reports. Coaches and swimmers can then use the results of these reports to extrapolate their ideal racing strategy. In effect, these individualized race reports are designed to give coaches and swimmers an empowering "Bird's Eye" view of their race, offering them the advantage of being able to see how seemingly unrelated issues of technique do apply to their overall success as a competitive swimmer.

Lost? Detailed explanations of terminology are available here.

Information derived from Race Analyzer™ will help you find new ways to improve your swimmers' competitive performance. What used to be an exclusive domain of elite swimming, it is now available to coaches of every level. You can provide feedback to swimmers of your team equal to that previously was available only to the world-class athletes.

Don't wait while other coaches gain the edge. Try Race Analyzer™ free for 30 days. This software may become the most important device in your coaching toolbox. Many other coaches and sport scientists already say that it is.

Collecting Race Data

Race Analyzer provides two ways of timing races:

DIRECT- using Windows timing console and
- using HP 48 G series Calculator. Hewlett-Packard discontinued production on their 48G series calculators. Please note that we are unable to help you locate these calculators. We can only provide the software for HP48G (free of charge).

In Direct mode, you can time races live or from video tapes using PC keyboard. Race Analyzer captures data input from a keyboard and stores it in a database file. Race data is displayed on screen in "real-time" during analysis.

Race Timing console

Race Analyzer Main console

"Real Time" Data Display

Race Analyzer's timing console includes database of Swimmers' and Swim Meets. First, you need to select a swim meet, swimming event, specify Prelims/Semi-/Finals/Swim-off/Time Trials first. Second, select a swimmer. Incremental search helps you find swimmer as you type his/her last name. Once the setup procedure is complete (it usually takes only several seconds), you are ready to start timing.

The main operating keys are:

Press [Enter] for starting timing console and measuring Break Time;
[Backspace] for 15 Meter time mark;
[F11] for taking and averaging Stroke Frequency;
[F12] for measuring Turn Time;
[Pause/Break] for 7.5 Meter finish.

You can change these keys assignments from default settings.

Race Timing console

Real Time data display

Timing Relays

Race Analyzer enables you to time relay races on all official events. Select Event, click Relay radio button. Relay Swimmers' selection window will open. Your squad is already separated by gender, therefore all you need to do is to assign swimmers according to the relay order.

Edit Race Mode screen shot

Editing Races

Race Analyzer makes navigation between swimmers and races easy. Double-click left mouse button on a swimmer's name. All recorded races for this swimmer in this particular meet will be displayed. Select an event and all race data will be automatically displayed in a spreadsheet. You can review and edit races directly in the grid.

Edit Race Mode screen shot

Edit Race Interface

Import Official Splits

Race Analyzer imports Commlink (cl2)* and SDIF** (sdi) files, commonly used for distribution of the official meet results. This feature will save you a lot of time and will make collected race data "official".

* Commlink is a format developed by Hy-Tek Ltd.
** SDIF is a data interchange format adopted by USA Swimming.

Building Race Charts

Visual data presentation can help better understand racing patterns, and offers a deeper insights about processes taking place during the race. Race Analyzer makes visual data presentation of a single race very easy. Choose race data relationship and click - the chart is ready! Race chart can be added to a printed report of a single race.

Existing relationships include:

  • Velocity over Distance

  • Tempo over Distance

  • Cycle Count over Distance

  • Race Chart - cycle count over distance

    Building Race Charts

    Maintaining Team Roster

    Intuitive user interface helps you to maintain your team roster.

    If you own Hy-Tek's "Team Manager" software, you can easily import your existing roster into Race Analyzer new database.

    Team Roster

    Managing Athlete Roster

    Intuitive Error Detection Facility

    Racing data accuracy is the primary concern. Error Scan was designed to identify measurements that are outside of the acceptable error range. Therefore, such data could be a potential error.

    The information derived from Error Scan can be also used to probe weak areas in performance (Stroke Frequency, Break Distance, Turn Time). For example: swimmer A.D. consistently shows on Error Check reports with slow Cycling Rate that lies outside the range. This fact may suggest that swimmer A.D. can improve his/her performance by working on increasing tempo.

    Error Scan

    Error log window

    You can correct a potential error in "Correct Errors" window, which is only a mouse-click away. Potentially problematic values are highlighted in bold red (value that is exceeding the observed range) or bold blue (value that is below the observed range).


    Correcting Potential Errors window

    Reports And Analysis

    Each Race Analysis report contains the following information: Distance, Break time, Break distance, Split Time, Drop-off, Cycle rate, Cycle Count (extrapolated), Time, Distance per cycle (D.P.C.), Velocity, Turn time, Race Efficiency Index (Not Pictured), Race Notes will be printed at the end of each race.

    To get more information on Race Analysis data interpretation, please read an article here

    The Report Gallery is a collection of all available reports, divided on three sections:

    1. Swim Meet Reports
    2. Race Summary
    3. Administrative Reports.

    Reports are customizable: you can select race parameters to be included into reports.

      Swim Meet Reports:

    • One swim meet for All swimmers;
    • One swim meet for one swimmer all events; Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    • All swimmers for one event, one swim meet. Choose from (Men/Women, Prelims/Finals)
    • Chronological: One event for one swimmer all Long course meters, Short Course Yards, Short Course Meters meets (specify date range)
    • Chronological: One swimmer, all races on file (specify date range)
    • Comparative: Top (n) swimmers in one event, one swim meet (Men/Women, Prelims/Finals). Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    • Comparative: One swimmer Top (n) races in one event on file. Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    • One Race with Chart. Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

      Race Summary Reports:

    • Top (n) swims in one event one swim meet. Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    • One swimmer Top (n) swims in one event on file. Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    • One event for one swimmer , advanced comparative report. Sample (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    • Administrative reports:

    • Swim team roster

    Print Preview

    Print preview allows you to see the layout of reports as they will be printed on paper. You can view documents page-by-page clicking on Print Preview toolbar arrow buttons, or print the whole or parts of the report.

    Print Preview screen shot

    Print Preview Window

    Export Reports To Other Formats

    You have the following report output options:
    • Microsoft® Rich Text Format (RTF) for use with most word processors (Microsoft Word, Word Perfect etc.);
    • HTML format for posting results on the Internet;
    • You must have Microsoft® Excel™ 8/2000 installed on your PC to export reports to Excel™ workbook. *
    • Adobe® Acrobat™ PDF file format

      *Except Top (n) swimmers in one event, one swim meet (Men/Women, Prelims/Finals)

    Using Pacer To Plan Your Race Strategy

    It took us several years of research to develop Pacer.
    is a tool that suggests you an optimal racing pace. The importance of such information is very high: swimming too fast or too slow during the first part of a race may lead to ultimately lower performance.

    Pacer Tool

    Pacer Tool Interface

    Don't just take our word for it... Download 21-Day FREE Trial and see for yourself!

    Race Analyzer™ Trial Edition includes every feature found in the full registered product. The 30-day trial period begins on the day when you install and run Race Analyzer. After 30 days, the program will seize to work if unregistered. You will not loose data collected during trial period.

    If you decide to purchase the program, you will be able to unlock the installed program and use all data you entered prior to the expiration period. You will also receive priority technical support.