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Race Analyzer for Mobile Devices

March , 2012 After over two years of development and ongoing collaboration with our colelagues at the Swedish Center of Aquatics Research, Race Analyzer 4 compatible with Apple IOS and Google Android mobile devices has been released. We are very proud of the results! The development of the mobile version was based on the mathematical algorithms and the scientific platform originally developed by Alex Nikitin and sports scientists at the USA Swimming. The new mobile version ensures consistency of the analysis and seamless cross-platform transition from desktop to mobile version. Visit Professional Coaching Tools website for more info...

Food For The Swimming Brain

Sep 14, 2011 US Olympic women's head coach Teri McKeever, Australian Shane Gould, one of the all-time greats of swimming, gurus Bill Boomer and Milt Nelms, plus coaches Alex Nikitin, Brad Burnham and Chris Martin, top the billboard at the first World Aquatic Development Conference, to be held in Lund, Sweden, on January 12-15, 2012. The conference will take place at the Stadshallen/Hogevallsbadet and is organized by the newly formed Swedish and World Aquatic Research Center (SCAR) and promises to be a must-attend event for those in search of aquatic knowledge. Read More

New series of articles from Milt Nelms

February 20, 2009. Two articles published today: Faster Swimming And Floatation and What Floats Your Boat? Read the suit week sequel - Part 3: questions and answers with Milt Nelms on issues of flotation and how it affects swimming performance.

February 19, 2009. Shortly after this announcement, we will begin publishing a series of papers written by Milt Nelms. Craig Lord of has recently conducted a series of in depth interviews with Milt Nelms about The Aquatic Signature And Flotation, on issues of flotation and how it affects swimming performance, and testing of flotation and buoyancy.

These papers are very important for anyone interested in answering questions "why" the swimming records have been falling with the introduction of "the suit". For those of you who coach swimming, or swim for performance or fitness, these interviews are the essential read.

Upgrade to Race Analyzer 2.0!

April 10, 2008. A new version of Race Analyzer 2.0 is released. The new version is compatible with Windows® Vista™. More Info...

Swim faster by racing smarter

In swimming, more than any other sport, details are the difference between a good swimmer and a champion. So much depends on nearly indiscernible details. As a coach, how often have you known that something wasn't right but lacked a way to express that to your swimmers? Your swimmers are young, they have not had the experience you have had, unable to see the bigger picture they do not fully understand the importance of your feedback, but you know if you could show them concrete results of the minor changes they make, they would understand. What if you could analyze every aspect of the race, down to the last detail and then tabulate all of that information in one simple, easily understood report? This is the domain of electronic race analysis. For decades, this procedure was extremely time-consuming, and required involvement of large personnel. That has made race analysis available only to elite swimming, used solely for major international competitors. Now, Race Analyzer™ has made this capability available to coaches working at every level. No expensive gadgets needed, only a Windows based laptop or PC.

You can now empower your swimmers with detailed feedback about race performance equal to what previously was available only to the world-class athletes and coaches. Using information derived from Race Analyzer™, you will find new ways to sharpen your swimmers' competitive edge.

Don't be the last coach without this valuable tool! We believe this software can become the most important device in your coaching toolbox. Many other coaches and sports scientists already say that it is.

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[Race Analyzer] opens the lines of communication between swimmers and coaches to make good decisions about practice and race strategies.

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